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About Roderick Peña

A portrait photographer with a passion for capturing compelling stories, Roderick Peña began his photographic career in 2006 with a curiosity in the connections that we all share.

Evolving into several years of experience in the commercial and editorial photography industries, Roderick Peña pursues projects that not only deliver a powerful message, but challenge him and those he collaborates with to develop creative solutions.

Today, that passion for portraiture and story-telling continues to expand in a number of expressive ways and drive the motivation behind his photographic and film work.


Roderick Peña
Dallas, TX
Mobile: (214) 923-8882
Work: 2149238882
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Park Cities Animal Hospital - Meet Dr. David Hille


Park Cities Animal Hospital Meet Dr. David Hille, DVM

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People & Portraits


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June 15th, 2013 280

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